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Joe Ludlow

Analysis Joe Ludlow 15 July 2014

Impact investing in a democracy: A response to ‘Markets for Good: removing the barriers’

When I first started out in social impact investing, it was hard to find anyone writing or talking about it (apart from my boss at Venturesome, John Kingston). But the tables have turned, and in …

Opinion Joe Ludlow 23 January 2014

Impact Investing – driving adoption through examples

If I’d stopped you on the street in 1982 and asked you if you wanted a mobile phone you probably would have said, “a what?” I might then have explained to you what a mobile …

Opinion Joe Ludlow 9 December 2013

Impact investment: does it do ‘what it says on the tin’?

Back in 1994, advertising execs in the UK were given what must have seemed like a career-ending brief: create a campaign for fence-protecting woodstain. The campaign that emerged not only transformed the fortunes of one …