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STARS Foundation

Stars Impact Awards move into funding Latin America

Sarah Johnstone 22 November 2013

After six years of successfully offering 41 Impact Awards in countries across Africa, the Middle East and Asia/Pacific (not including the 2013 Award recipients, who will be announced in December) Stars Foundation has now opened …

Fund the Front Line: Judging the outcome

Eleanor Harrison 7 November 2013

Of the four partners in the Fund the Front Line campaign, we can modestly claim to be the least well known. To the uninformed, the reason for our inclusion would appear to need no explanation. The …

Fund the Front Line: Fertilizer for the grassroots

1 Muna Wehbe 24 October 2013

I want to talk to you for a moment about mid-century American landscaping. Wait! Don’t go! I’ll get to the point. Trust me. In the decade immediately following the Second World War, a defining feature …

STARS Foundation Impact Awards offer vital unrestricted funding

Alliance magazine 9 December 2010

STARS Foundation announced the winners of its 2010 Impact Awards on 2 December. The winners are NGOs from Kenya, Somaliland, South Africa, India and Bangladesh that work with disadvantaged children and are deemed to have …