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Tax breaks

Just published: Alliance September 2013 issue with special feature on ‘Philanthropy and power’

2 Alliance magazine 5 September 2013

‘It is difficult to keep your feet on the ground when working in a foundation because you are inevitably placed in a position of power,’ writes Stephen Pittam, former secretary of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable …

One conversation complete, many more to come

Andrew Watt 11 January 2013

Yesterday we re-published Pablo Eisenberg’s 21 December column from the Chronicle of Philanthropy entitled ‘Nonprofits Should Focus on Gun Control-Not Donor Tax Breaks’. Andrew Watt’s 5 January blog post on the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ …

Non-profits should focus on gun control – not donor tax breaks

Pablo Eisenberg 10 January 2013

In his 21 December column for the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Pablo Eisenberg, a senior fellow at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute and an outspoken critic of US foundations, attacks the ‘absurdity of the non-profit world’s priorities’, …

Gift Aid reform likely to exclude those they are meant to benefit, say sector organizations

Alliance magazine 28 August 2012

Voluntary sector umbrella bodies in the UK have called on the government to scrap elements of the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) they say will make the scheme difficult for small charities to use. …

Do tax incentives for charitable giving have an effect: the next instalment

Caroline Hartnell 24 July 2009

President Obama’s proposal to limit the tax break wealthy people get for charitable deductions in order to help fund a universal healthcare system in the US has given rise to much debate about how much …