Books in Brief

Freedom from Debt: The reappropriation of development through financial self-reliance
by Jacques Gelinas  Zed Books  £37.50
Argues that self-financing, not external financing, is the key to all economic start-up.   Provides a coherent critique of the Bretton Woods-oriented development system on the one hand and a feasible alternative on the other.
To order, phone Zed Books on +44 171 837 8466 or fax +44 171 833 3960

Knowledge Shared: Participatory evaluation in development cooperation
by Edward Jackson and Yusuf Kassam  Kumarian Press  $25.95
An approach to evaluation that enables citizens and professionals alike to jointly assess the extent to which the benefits of development are shared — and by whom.
To order phone KP on +1 860 233 5895 or e-mail

Accountable Aid: Local participation in major projects
by Patricia Feeney  Oxfam   £5.95/$9.95
Argues the case for local participation and accountability to local communities, its main focus being the World Bank-funded Rondonia Natural Resource Management Project in the Amazon.
To order phone Oxfam on +44 1202 712 933  or fax +44 1202 712 930

In whose benefit? The case for untying aid
ActionAid  £4.95
Argues that tied aid hinders development while providing insignificant economic benefits to donor countries.
To order, phone ActionAid on +44 171 281 4101 or fax +44 171 272 0899 or e-mail

Democracy is a Discussion II: The challenges and promises of a new democratic era – A handbook  ed Sondra Myers Connecticut College  $11.95
A collection of readings on the obstacles most often encountered in the transition to democracy, and some strategies and approaches to addressing them.
To order phone +1 860 439 2500 or e-mail

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