Books in brief

In the Name of the Poor: Contesting political space for poverty reduction
Neil Webster and Lars Engberg-Pedersen (eds) Zed Books £15.95/$25

A new contribution on understanding the nature of poverty and how it can be eliminated, which stresses the importance of exploring and understanding the poor’s own actions. Includes in-depth country case studies.

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Notable American Philanthropists: Biographies of giving and volunteering
Robert T Grimm Jr Greenwood Press $69.95/£45.25

Substantial profiles of individuals and families who have made significant contributions to the American philanthropic tradition from the 1600s to the present.

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The Principles of Sustainability
Simon Dresner Earthscan £14.95 paperback

Is a sustainable society possible? This book covers the historical development of the concept of sustainability, contemporary debates about how to achieve it. It also discusses the obstacles and the prospects for overcoming them.

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