Community Foundations Around the World: Building Effective Support Systems by Jane Tully

This book is based on the discussions of a three-day conference of community foundations and associated groups from 19 countries around the world. It provides a useful introduction to community foundations and the issues they face internationally, and explains the importance to their success of a supportive tax and legal framework and a strong economic base. Particularly useful are the summaries of the development, country by country, of established and emerging community foundation movements.

The publication suffers to an extent from being the ‘write-up’ of a conference; probably as a result of this there is rather a lot of repetition. However, Chapter 4 poses a serious analytical question, ‘Is the Community Foundation the Appropriate Model for Encouraging and Improving Community Life in Emerging Democracies and Developing Countries?’ and then struggles to answer it. Tully  touches on politically sensitive issues but never seems to get to grips with them. She is at times frank: ‘How these institutions evolve and whether they can ultimately survive is a question that cannot be answered at this time.’

This book should serve as a useful reference point for those wishing to promote the community foundation model around the world.

Community Foundations Around the World: Building Effective Support Systems
by Jane Tully
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Jacqueline Rae is a freelance advisor to a range of grant-making trusts and foundations. She has previously worked as the Assistant Director of the Baring Foundation and the National Coordinator of the Independent Broadcasting Telethon Trust

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