‘The Routledge Companion to Philanthropy’ – Edited by Tobias Jung, Susan D Phillips and Jenny Harrow

Reviewed by Juliet Valdinger.

This book is an incredible compendium of essays covering a wide field of knowledge in what some feel is a nascent sector (which it is not). As ‘philanthropy is becoming transnational, creative in the vehicles for giving and community mobilizing, and transparent as never before’ (p28), it is time for society to recognize the potential of philanthropy and implement the multi-faceted tools that will bring its benefits to light.

The introduction is eloquent and engaging, setting the scene well to inform the reader what is ahead. It (subconsciously) encourages us to fill up the kettle to its maximum, get out a bunch of pencils and post-its and prepare ourselves for a couple of hours of insightful discussions and thought-provoking suggestions.

The overall structure of the book is clear, with a culmination of thoughts and discussions about how philanthropy presents across different cultures, its motivations, usage, management, assessment, and future. Covering 32 chapters and complementary vignettes, produced by a diverse and international range of individuals, the scale of this work strikes me with awe.

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