ClimatePhilanthropy2030 – a commitment from the board and staff of Alliance

There is general agreement that the devastating impact of climate change is a defining issue of our times and a major social and inter-generational justice issue disproportionately affecting the world’s poorest people, communities and countries, and future generations.

There is also general agreement in our sector that philanthropy is at its best when it leads, takes risks and works long term. It therefore follows that the climate crisis is likely to become a more central pre-occupation though, at present, it accounts for just 2 per cent of sector spending.

As a charity and publication tasked with covering global philanthropy, we believe that there is potential for greater engagement on climate issues including from ourselves. When Alliance analysed almost a thousand recent articles, we discovered our coverage of Climate Philanthropy had dipped to around 2 per cent of overall output since our special feature in the aftermath of the Paris Agreement.

So it seems self-evident that more can be done in our sector to increase the scale and impact of measures to address climate change. For some that will mean ending investment of foundation assets in oil and gas, making grants to support climate movements, investing in clean energy solutions and changing working and/or travel practices.

In our case, it means putting the defining issue facing the planet at the heart of Alliance’s coverage. In response, in response we have launched our ClimatePhilanthropy2030 initiative.

From January 2020, we have committed to weekly coverage of Climate Philanthropy with the aim of increasing the level of coverage to 10% of our overall work. This will not be a short term commitment either. We agree that the 2020s will be a key decade for climate action, and therefore for philanthropic action on climate issues, and so we will be making this commitment until 2030 providing over 500 pieces of unique content on climate philanthropy over the next decade.

Our coverage will consist of news, opinion, research, interviews and conference reports both from Alliance and our partners. We’d encourage everyone to visit to find out more about this project, see the partners who are joining us on this journey and read all the content we produce over the next decade.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to become a regular contributing partner or simply have an idea for a one off submission. We’d love to hear from you. Signup to our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss out on the latest developments on climate philanthropy.

The board and staff of Alliance

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