SOCAP: a rendezvous in the social space

Shweta Maheshwari

A gamut of young – but nonetheless experienced – innovative minds surrounded the recent SOCAP 13 conference, in the breathtaking waterfront setting of Fort Mason, San Francisco. A plethora of investor-investee jargons were used, ideas were pitched, deals were cracked, handshakes were done, and future possibilities were discussed. A wide range of opportunities was present throughout the conference for developing budding ideas from organizations in nascent stage, organizations that are establishing themselves and those that are already established.

We at ONergy, a social enterprise based in India providing clean energy solutions to underserved households, were also pitching our ideas to impact investors as part of our campaign to raise $1.2 million. SOCAP also provided a perfect opportunity to make a number of connections with other social enterprises and support organizations.

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