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Alliance magazine is proud to have been a media partner at this year’s UK Community Foundations Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. We’d like to thank the following contributors:

Fozia Irfan Bedforshire and Luton CF, Joe Crome Surrey CF, Rob Williamson CF Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, Jan Garrill Two Ridings CF, Jayne Woodley Oxforshire CF, Rachel McGrath Northamptonshire CF, Irina Novikova CAF Russia, Eva Nieuwenhuis Mensen Maken Amsterdam, Nicola Frost Devon Community Foundation

Read their blogs here…

Bricks and mortar

About this time last week, I was heading up to Glasgow for the UK Community Foundation Conference 2019, and as has already been commented, it seemed all at once a whole new cohort of staff had descended into the foundation world. Albeit, as CEO of Oxfordshire Community Foundation of almost nine years, I was obviously not one of the newbies!

Jayne Woodley reports here…

So much to learn from ‘big and smaller brothers’ around the world

I’m still trying to catch my breath a bit after last weeks conference in Glasgow. A relative new bee to the whole community foundation (CF) world it was my first international encounter with CF’s from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Eva Nieuwenhuis reports here…

Are community foundations relevant?

Working in philanthropy requires continuous review, reassessment and reevaluation. The UK Community Foundation conference being held in Glasgow, provides an opportunity for community foundations to do exactly that and to challenge our assumptions.

Fozia Irfan reports here…

The Eurostar goes both ways

When the first conversations were all about the same topics we’ve been discussing for over 10 years, I must admit I fell a bit frustrated. Frustrated but also slightly worried asking myself (apparently a bit too loudly on Twitter) if the CF movement has actually moved forward at all?

Jan Despiegelaere reports here…

Experts in place, but it doesn’t stop there

What is a Community Foundation’s USP? This question, and many offered answers, came up several times over the course of the UKCF conference. The strongest contender, it would seem, is our claim to be ‘experts in place’, to know in detail the twists and turns of our local geography and communities.

Nicola Frost reports here…

Think global, act local

‘Think global, act local’ could be an adopted mantra of the International Community Foundation movement as we connect place-based giving across the world to make a positive social impact.

Rachel Mcgrath reports here…


In amidst the political uncertainty of Brexit and proroguing parliament the UKCF Community Foundation conference brought inspiration, hope and positive challenges to the movement with an array of community foundations coming together from across the globe at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Rachel Mcgrath reports here…

The next generation of philanthropy

Several workshops focused on the long-term future of philanthropy and how we as Community Foundations can continue to provide relevant and up to date philanthropic advisory services to donors, and personally this is an area which fascinates me.

Joe Crome reports here…

Seeing old issues through new lenses

In the afternoon plenary we debated the relative importance of community empowerment, engagement, convening and leadership alongside ‘traditional’ grant-making and endowment building. These are conversations we’ve been having in community foundations – and in trusts and foundations more generally – for a long time.

Rob Williamson reports here…

Place based giving the right way

The theme of this years conference is Empowering Communities Together, and as the original place based funders Community Foundations are determined to continually reflect on and ensure that we are indeed focusing on empowering and listening to the places and people whom we serve.

Joe Crome reports here…

Community Foundations should act and speak as one

It is vital to share experience, reflect together, engage fruitfully and keep partners. Bringing people together in one room helps us to reach more. We are becoming the voice to solve the problems when we collaborate.

Irina Novikova reports here…

It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it…

I’ve always thought that comparing community foundations by the size of their endowments was a numb way of determining success and today’s conversations all about the power of our convening role has confirmed that for me.

Jan Garrill reports here…

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