Editorial – December 1999

Caroline Hartnell

Is this a millennium issue? The answer is mainly no but a little bit yes. Personally I don’t set great store by the millennium, and I suspect that many Alliance readers don’t either, but it does seem a symbolic moment at which to celebrate the world’s diversity – as represented on the cover of this issue – and to restate Alliance’s aim of being a truly international publication. If you feel your region is not well represented, please let me know.

The millennium also seems an apt moment to start a series of major articles on the traditions and practice of philanthropy in the world’s different faiths – introduced by Professor David Kerr in his editorial. The first article will appear in March.

Sustainability, as a forward-looking subject, may seem like a good millennium theme, but it wasn’t intended that way!

Finally, a plea to all readers of Alliance to fill in the reader questionnaire included with this issue. Thank you.

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