Interview: Harriet Lamb, Ashden

"Having the whole of society focus on one ambition is what we need now."

How can a prize make a difference to an abiding problem like climate change? Harriet Lamb, CEO of Ashden Sustainable Solutions, Sustainable Lives explains to Andrew Milner how the Ashden Awards are not all about the winners – or the money – but how the whole process uncovers and highlights the many organisations doing important work to combat climate change and helps them to obtain the support they need. She also explains how that process underlines Ashden’s whole philosophy, that there are solutions to the climate crisis already at work, which can be more widely adopted.

First of all, could you clarify the relationship between Ashden and Ashden Trust?

Ashden Trust gives money to support work on climate change, but also other issues. Ashden, which receives, rather than gives money, is focussed on innovative solutions to climate change. We give awards and do programmes on the back of that to help promote the solutions that we believe are out there already. What connects the two is that Sarah Butler-Sloss, who is a member of the Sainsbury family, founded both organisations. The Trust does give support to Ashden but they are and always have been separate organisations.

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