Interview: José María Arias Mosquera  

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, Fundación Barrié hosted the 6th Conference of the Association of Spanish Foundations and the first International Communications Day on Philanthropy in La Coruña in late 2016. Its president, José Maria Arias Mosquera, talks to Charles Keidan about the importance of communication, about the role of faith and family in Barrié’s work, and about how marking its 50th anniversary has allowed the Galician foundation to take a long view of its work.

José Maria Arias Mosquera.

You say on your website that the foundation is ‘purpose backed by resources’. What do you mean by that?

Backing your resources with purpose is the objective of any institution that calls itself a foundation. Our founder had a clear vision of what was needed for the future development of Galicia and contributed all his fortune to it – not just his fortune but also his father’s and his sister’s. Since our origin, the total giving amounts to over €400 million.

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