March 2002

Implications of September 11 for civil society around the world

Volume 7 , Number 1

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March 2002

Implications of September 11 for civil society around the world

Volume 7 , Number 1

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Treading the fine line between advocacy and ‘values-based journalism’

1 March 2002
Alex Lockwood

How can an organization committed to civil society values present itself as a source of ‘impartial’ reporting? OneWorld is a leading human rights and development portal that has been balancing life as a non-profit NGO and online media organization since 1995. Last year it asked itself this difficult question and set out to develop a new set of editorial standards. The understandable fear is that any explicit departure from strict journalistic standards of fairness and …


Editorial – March 2002

Do email roundtables work? In an age that so values global communication and has such faith in the Internet, this is a relevant question. When setting up the Alliance email roundtable featured in this issue, I had somehow assumed that it would be almost like having people sitting round a real table. It wasn’t. If you are sitting round a real table, you are there for the time it takes. If you feel like responding to something, you respond. With an email roundtable, taking part inevitably jostles with 101 other things you have to do. Instead of responding at once, …

Editorial – The implications of September 11 for civil society around the world

The world will never be the same again – or so people everywhere were saying in the weeks following the September 11 terrorist attacks. How will this affect civil society? How will civil society organizations respond to the challenges posed by this new world – if it really is one? This special issue of Alliance tries to give some answers to these questions. It includes articles on civil society in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Palestine, and the Arab world more widely. Alliance’s first ever email roundtable brings together views from all around the world. It also has articles on how the …

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