March 2023

Transformation on the agenda

Volume 28 , Number 1

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March 2023

Transformation on the agenda

Volume 28 , Number 1

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Transformation on the agenda

Transformation is more than change. Transformation requires a more thoroughgoing shake up of what we do and how we do it. That’s the central message of our latest special feature guest-edited by Michael Seberich of Wider Sense and Erin Ganju of Echidna Giving.

The feature includes a provocative peer dialogue with Romy Kramer and Kavita Ramdas who provide an insider’s view on the limited appetite for transformation within philanthropy.

In our spotlight on Asian philanthropy, Elika Roohi talks to Yohei Sasakawa, the legendary chairman of Japan’s Nippon Foundation, Fan Li reports from the first Asian Philanthropy Congress and Laurence Lien examines scenarios for philanthropy on the continent.

Special feature

Transformation: No digital silver bullet

7 March 2023
Nikki Barrett

The magic lies with your changemakers, not your technology Foundations around the world are abandoning stagnant legacy systems in favour of trust-based approaches. What’s more, many are foregrounding the experience of changemakers (the grantees actually executing the impact goals) when making concrete operational choices – going beyond lofty vision statements. Whether they are leading with trust or leaning into Changemaker Experience (CX), these are shifts to truly transformational philanthropy: an approach aimed at dismantling the …

Special feature

Transforming philanthropy from within

7 March 2023
Erin Ganju and Michael Alberg-Seberich

Remaking institutional philanthropy to serve the purpose it needs to serve requires an honest, ‘warts-and-all’ self-assessment by those involved The rallying cry for philanthropy to change has been resounding and gaining momentum over the past few years. It comes from non-profit leaders, academics, the general public and, what we find most heartening, from those engaged in the philanthropic sector itself – and it is a call heard around the world. The call for transforming philanthropy …


Time to leave our comfort zone behind

For change to be truly enduring, it’s said that it needs to start from within. But that doesn’t mean external forces or pressures are irrelevant. Far from it. When it comes to philanthropy, a field notoriously immune from accountability to electorates or shareholders, such pressure can be reasonably applied though, in practice, it rarely is.  The regulation of philanthropy tends to be remarkably permissive in contemporary societies largely because government relies on private funding to compensate for insufficiencies of public provision. As non-profits are reliant on donors, their criticism is muted too. Given this force field of immunity, it is …


Crises happen, get ready

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How should we prepare for crisis?  To mark the publication of our special feature in the December 2022 issue, Alliance …

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