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Many foundations are pursuing their own methods of transforming their practices and their attitudes, too many to list them all here. The initiatives featured below, therefore, are for the most part more informal collectives

Hosted by Global Dialogue, Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace (PSJP) is a hub to support the development and adoption of ideas about what makes a good society, and to connect and strengthen those that advance these ideas. Along with contributing to the reframing of ideas about what makes a good society, its main aims include encouraging the emergence of a new vision for civic space, centred on transformative work for justice and peace and the role of various agents in this work, including philanthropy, civil society, social movements and community organising.


US-based Resource Generation (RG) organises young people with wealth to become transformative leaders working towards the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power. It hosts a Transforming Philanthropy conference for young people (18-35) involved in family philanthropy or having high net wealth (access to $1 million in liquifiable assets). Through skill-building workshops, action planning sessions and expert panel discussions, the conference equips young people involved in their families’ foundations or who are planning major giving with the relationships, skills, and vision to transform philanthropy for social change. RG also runs campaigns through its local chapters, partnering, among others, with the Center for Popular Democracy and the Movement for Black Lives. It also has a redistribution pledge which commits signatories to redistribute a specific amount of money to social justice movements over a set period of time.

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