Indy Johar on our extraordinary age

It is the end of summer, and before students come back to Istanbul’s Kadir Has University, around 100 members of the PEX community gather for the second PEXforum to explore what it means to drive ecosystems change.

PEX’s first forum in 2020 in Madrid took place just weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down global travel. Everyone is happy to be together again, but the conversations hold a more serious tenor this time, informed by the crisis we have just survived and wary of those that are coming.

Indy Johar deliveres a keynote speech at PEXforum 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo credit: PEX

Keynote speaker Indy Johar, the founder and Executive Director of Dark Matter Labs, puts these concerns front and centre in his talk: We are on the path to systems failure, he says, and the timescale is three to five years.

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