September 1998

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Special feature

Banská Bystrica – Eastern Europe’s first community foundation

1 September 1998
Beata Hirt

The Healthy City Foundation at Banská Bystrica in Slovakia is Eastern Europe’s first community foundation. Although it was first set up both to raise money and to implement its own programmes, it was soon realized that it could contribute to the local community more effectively by supporting initiatives taken by citizens themselves. In 1991 the city of Banská Bystrica made a commitment to the World Health Organization’s ‘Healthy Cities’ project, whose mission is to make …


Editorial – September 1998

The best thing about being editor of Alliance is getting in touch with so many different people and hearing about what is going on in so many different places, but it can never be enough. The world is too big a place. Please let us hear from some of those we are not yet reaching. I am pleased to be able to announce two new columns in this issue. David Logan and Mike Tuffrey of  the Corporate Citizenship Company will be writing regularly on the activities of international companies, and Delwin Roy will be providing a commentary from the wings …

Editorial – Microfinance; community foundations

In 1993 Pierre Calame, President of the Fondation pour le progres de l’homme, told a conference in Paris, ‘The most worrying aspect of the present crisis is that, for the first time in history, the rich no longer need the poor.’ Five years later he might have expanded on this to say that in an age of globalization and the Internet, multinational corporations and financial institutions no longer need nation states. But if we are to seek to live in a civil society, we must recognize that we are all in this together. Do we accept increasing insecurity in our …

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