September 2003

Social justice philanthropy

Volume 8 , Number 3

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September 2003

Social justice philanthropy

Volume 8 , Number 3

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From the ‘how’ to the ‘why’

When talking about grantmaking and civil society funding, there’s a tendency to talk about the ‘hows’ rather than the ‘whys’. What mechanism or approach works best – community philanthropy, venture philanthropy, social investment? How do you identify good organizations to support when you’re making a grant to another country? My starting point is generally that we all know why we’re doing what we do, so we just need to jump straight into the discussion of how to do it best. Social justice philanthropy defies this approach. It is inescapably about the ‘why’ – about poverty and exclusion, about rights and …

Editorial – What is social justice philanthropy?

This issue of Alliance looks at social justice philanthropy: what it is, how it is distinct from other forms of philanthropy, who supports it, and what it looks like in different country contexts. While there are funders based in the United States that focus on social justice philanthropy and among whom the term is commonly used, the phenomenon is more nascent outside the United States for a number of reasons. In some countries, philanthropy itself (outside perhaps religious giving) is uncommon; in others there is a certain expectation about the government’s role in providing safety net services and addressing issues …


Reflecting on the cultural gap

Simon Zadek

The recent article by Bremner and Grant (‘Bridging the cultural gap’)[1] raises many important issues regarding the difference between for-profits …

Reviewer replies to authors of From Charity to Creativity

Rodney Hedley

In reply to Helmut K Anheier and Diana Leat’s response[2] to my review of From Charity to Creativity[3], I would …

In support of From Charity to Creativity

David Bonbright

Without entering into the interesting debate in Alliance between Helmut Anheier and Diana Leat on the one hand and Rodney …

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