APPC – Filantropi Indonesia goes from strength to strength

Filantropi Indonesia has taken off. This wonderful surprise lay in store for APPC’s Governing Council at a special lunch forum held by Indonesian organizations on 3 April in Jakarta,[1] at which Kehati Trust and Indonesian Business Links (IBL) officials presented the fast-shaping landscape of philanthropy in their country.

With Erna Witoelar and Ismid Hadad of Kehati and Noke Kiroyan and Yanti Kostoer of IBL spearheading Filantropi Indonesia, the 17-member core group convened in May 2003 had grown to 155 organizations by October 2003. At the first ‘National Consultation Forum on Philanthropy’ in Jakarta, the group reached consensus on what it wants to do: to build infrastructure to enable the growth of the philanthropic and non-profit sectors. It will do this by developing the knowledge base on current participatory learning efforts and developing broad-based networking endeavours to meet social and environmental challenges in Indonesia.

Since then, Filantropi Indonesia members have shown their potential for creative networking. Kehati and IBL held a CEO Forum on ‘CSR beyond Public Relations’, responding to the need to broaden understanding of corporate social responsibility and widen avenues for corporate philanthropy. The Public Interest Research and Advocacy Center (PIRAC) held a media philanthropy seminar, having earlier released a study on how effectively the media has facilitated public giving for social and environmental causes.

With Ford Foundation support, Filantropi Indonesia is now undertaking consultations throughout Indonesia to better ascertain what activities they could undertake to promote philanthropy and the non-profit sector in the regions. APPC for its part has reiterated its commitment to support Indonesia with networking activities at the national level and with other Asia Pacific countries, such as the recent book launch of Potential and Challenge of Philanthropy in Indonesia.

1 The Governing Council held its business meeting in Jakarta, 2–3 April.

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