Cemefi – Looking back over 25 years of achievements

Facing a challenge means having a thorough understanding of the needs of an environment, an effective action plan and whatever is needed to meet the objectives set. This has been the perspective of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) during its 25 years of existence.

As it celebrates its 25th anniversary, Cemefi has more than 1,300 members. It houses seven members’ affinity groups that aim to have a bearing on public policy. To foster the philanthropic sector, Cemefi has created standards and accreditations for corporations, CSOs and consultants, covering topics such as corporate social responsibility, management and transparency.

Throughout its history, Cemefi has nurtured solid links with the international community. For example, in 1995 CIVICUS’s first global summit took place in Mexico, and in 1998 Cemefi co-organized the International Meeting of Associations of Grantmakers (IMAG), held in Oaxaca, Mexico, which later became WINGS.
Cemefi has also played important roles within the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) and the International Center for Not-for-profit Law (ICNL). Along with Asociación Española de Fundaciones, Cemefi launched the Encuentros Iberoamericanos del Tercer Sector. In the field of corporate social responsibility Cemefi has led the creation of Forum Empresa in Latin America as well as RedEAmerica, which involves the whole continent.

At Cemefi, we believe achievements come through joining efforts together. The philanthropic sector is made up of many pieces, and each one plays a fundamental part in the growth of its own cause and that of others. Throughout its 25 years of existence, Cemefi has taken on the task of bonding these efforts for the common good.

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