CIVICUS – CIVICUS rings changes for future World Assemblies

CIVICUS is holding its next World Assembly in Glasgow, Scotland from 21 to 25 June 2006. Entitled ‘Acting Together for a Just World’, it will be hosted by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organizations (SCVO) and is expected to draw civil society leaders from over 100 countries.

This year marks the beginning of a new approach to the CIVICUS World Assemblies; they will now be held every year, rather than every two years, and they will be held in one location for three years. Thus the next three CIVICUS World Assemblies will all be held in Glasgow and will follow a common theme of ‘Acting Together for a Just World’ – one which is particularly relevant in light of the events leading up to the G8 Summit, which showed the massive global commitment from ordinary citizens for a better and more just world. The Assembly’s sub-themes of social, economic, political and civic justice remain elusive goals, and it has never been clearer that the best way to achieve them is by acting together.

CIVICUS World Assemblies serve as forums in which civil society organizations (CSOs) can articulate and exchange information about their work and the challenges they face. They enable CSOs to create and strengthen connections with each other, which can lead in turn to innovative collaboration across national borders. They also provide a platform for CSOs to interact and engage with interested parties from government and intergovernmental organizations.

The 2006 CIVICUS World Assembly promises to continue to strengthen civil society around the world.  The CIVICUS Board and staff, together with their colleagues at SCVO, look forward to greeting you in Glasgow!

For more information about CIVICUS, contact Florence Kiff, Communications Manager, at

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
CIVICUS House, 24 Pim Corner Quinn Sts, Newtown, 2001 Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel+27 11 833 5959
Fax +27 11 833 7997

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