CIVICUS – It’s time for civil society to aim higher

We live in an age of great economic, political, societal and environmental uncertainty. It is within this backdrop that our latest report focuses on the forces that shape and influence the conditions for civil society. In CIVICUS’s 2013 State of Civil Society report we call for civil society to aim higher and further.

CIVICUS has long been interested in the political and legal space for civil society, but there is a danger that we may never get further than ensuring respect for, and implementation of, minimal standards. We want higher standards that actively enable and nurture civil society. The report also focuses on other factors that affect civil society’s ability to do its work, such as resourcing, levels of corruption, civic participation and public trust.

Our report casts a wide net and has an expansive view of civil society. Our contributors include trade unionists, environmentalists, lawyers, donors, researchers, academics, activists and politicians. We have over 45 contributions from the CIVICUS alliance and over 500 pages of fresh insight. In the report, civil society actors from Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australasia and Europe reflect upon the issues, trends and events of importance to them and offer examples of innovative tactics undertaken to improve the enabling environment in their regions and areas of work.

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