CIVICUS – PG Exchange: connecting practitioners of participatory governance

Despite something of a boom in participatory governance around the world, most practitioners operate in isolation from each other and are thus deprived of opportunities to access knowledge, peer learning and support. PG Exchange, a new initiative of the CIVICUS Participatory Governance Programme launched in May 2010, aims to correct this. PG Exchange is a global online platform for knowledge development, sharing and learning on participatory governance. It offers free access to a PG toolkit and a global Community of Practice.

The toolkit currently contains practical information on up to 40 approaches, most of them prepared by expert practitioners, including practices such as social audits, community scorecards, participatory expenditure tracking, 21st-century town meetings and multi-stakeholder dialogue. They are accompanied by case studies and a list of resources.

Community of Practice

The global Community of Practice (CoP) is a shared and facilitated space where PG practitioners working at different levels and across different sectors worldwide can learn from one another. Not only will CoP members have a space to build their profile and interact with other community members through discussion groups or private messaging; they are also encouraged to publicize dates of events and other points of interest. CoP members can view colleague profiles and use the site to identify potential resources, people and partners, seek advice, or propose collective actions.

A unique feature of PG Exchange is the ‘wiki’ principle, which enables members of the CoP to add or change content and upload new articles, reports and tools, as well as share their experiences on field application of the tools.  

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