EFC – Effect to focus on resources and sustainability

The spring 2011 edition of the EFC’s Effect magazine will focus on how foundations build and employ their resources to make sustainable change in the world. The issue will include articles on foundations’ strategies for investing in sustainable solutions to problems, exit strategies of foundations, and how foundations put their resources to best use.

The Atlantic Philanthropies’ Colin McCrea will look at the effect on Irish civil society when two of that country’s largest foundations close their doors in the next few years. Chris West of Shell Foundation will write about how his foundation is approaching sustainability with enterprise-based solutions. And Jenny Hodgson of the Global Fund for Community Foundations will look at how some funders are creating foundations as part of their exit strategy, among many other pieces in this issue.

Resources and sustainability will be the focus of the EFC’s 2011 annual conference, to be held 26-28 May 2011 in Cascais, Portugal.

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