EFC – Foundations get the ball rolling on new EFC strategy

EFC members are getting down to work on the Centre’s four new objectives: creating an enabling environment for foundations; documenting the foundation landscape and communicating their stories; capacity-building and benchmarking; and network- and partnership-building.

The Centre’s new programme committees, one for each objective, convened for the first time early this year. These initial meetings were used to fashion new ideas and decide what strands of work to move forward with. The Enabling Environment Committee will continue with several well-advanced efforts of the former EFC Legal and Tax Task Forces. The Research and Communications Committee is beginning work on knowledge management and research, as well as communications aspects of the Centre’s work, including the Centre’s new flagship publication, EFFECT, which tells the stories of European foundations.

The committee working on capacity-building and benchmarking is looking at ways to boost the professional development of foundations, and will incorporate the newly updated EFC Principles of Good Practice into its work. The committee focusing on network- and partnership-building will translate this key element of the Centre’s strategy into new and robust collaborations.

Members of the four new committees comprise a mix of old and new friends, bringing expertise both from veterans who have worked with the Centre for years and from those who want to become more involved in setting the course of the EFC. This make-up reflects the Centre’s commitment to ensure active participation from a broad range of foundations. Another new EFC (standing) committee, the Nomination Committee, will support this principle by monitoring the composition of the Governing Council and all EFC committees, to continually ensure a balanced representation of gender and geographic regions, as well as size and type of organization.

European Foundation Centre
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