European foundations flock to join Forum on Philanthropy and Research

As reported in the June issue of Alliance, the European Foundation Centre (EFC) is setting up a European Forum on Philanthropy and Research Funding to explore how to make more and better use of philanthropy to fund research. It is aimed in particular at foundations, trusts, charitable organizations and universities. By the end of June more than 90 expressions of interest in joining the Forum had been received.
These have come from a range of philanthropic bodies, universities, non-profit research organizations, public administration, and industry. These organizations have set out what they see as key issues for the Forum:
· research funding policies of philanthropic organizations;
· governance and ethical issues relating to philanthropic support of research;
· corporate philanthropy to support research;
· legal, regulatory and fiscal issues relating to donors and philanthropic organizations;
· fundraising by universities from philanthropic sources.

For more information
To participate in the Forum, contact the EFC secretariat at or fill in the Expression of Interest Form at

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