GIFE – Brazilian donors to discuss new departures in social investment

GIFE’s seventh annual conference, under the title ‘New Frontiers of Social Investment’, will be held next March in São Paulo. The event will explore how the need for innovation has brought new challenges to the sector. The conference theme and topics will form part of the Brazilian Social Investment Vision for 2020. Initiated last year, this process seeks to develop a relevant and legitimate sector embracing several topics, regions and communities, and supported by sustained and diversified investment.

As GIFE general secretary Fernando Rossetti remarks, the work of the sector is becoming more and more complex and any vision of the future must consider a number of factors, among them planning, scope, governance, impact, content and links with other sectors. ‘We can no longer afford to look at social investment as an insulated movement,’ says Rossetti.

Through the conference, GIFE will seek to analyse foundations’ involvement in areas such as sustainability, the green economy, and approaches to the mobilization and political participation of lower-income groups.

The conference will also discuss the recognition of Brazil as an important social and economic actor on the international scene. This has opened up the country and established it as a donor as well as a recipient.

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