GIFE – Congress launches vision for Brazilian philanthropic sector

The vision for the Brazilian social sector for the next decade features a relevant and legitimate philanthropy, drawn from a sustainable and diverse set of investors. This was the gist of a paper presented at the 6th GIFE Congress in Rio de Janeiro in April.

Drawn from discussion both with GIFE’s network and with other social organizations invited to participate in four preparatory meetings, the vision was developed under three major themes:

  • relevance and legitimacy: social investors must be recognized as relevant by both the target group and society in general;
  • comprehensiveness: at the moment private social investment is concentrated in particular regions and issues;
  • diversity of investors: the vision assumes the development over the next decade of a national agenda more conducive to the creation of independent foundations.

The Congress also heard from Anna Maria Peliano, director of Brazil’s Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), about the philanthropic resources available in the country. According to IPEA estimates, the private sector (both companies and foundations) will invest R$ 8.6 billion (drawn from 800,000 organizations) in the social sector in 2010. Of this, R$2 billion will come from 124 GIFE members.

Bradford Smith, president of the US’s Foundation Center, warned that Brazil needs to improve its transparency and management indicators, which will help to form the basis for the development of strategies for dialogue with society.

As if to highlight the need for social investment, heavy rains pounded the city of Rio de Janeiro before and during the Congress, leaving hundreds of injured and homeless. ‘In the face of extreme situations like this, our role becomes even more relevant,’ said GIFE’s Fernando Rossetti. ‘We must guide our efforts to help improve our ability to respond in times of crisis,’

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