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With the intention of sharing with Brazilian grantmakers the content produced by organizations around the world, GIFE has agreed to translate into Portuguese a series of GrantCraft materials developed by the Foundation Center and the European Foundation Centre. The material, which already has versions in six languages, offers practical insights and tools to help foundations to be more effective.

These resources are not meant to prescribe solutions, but to spark ideas, stimulate discussion and suggest new possibilities. ‘GIFE’s mission is to improve the concepts and practices and disseminate the use of private resources for the public welfare. These resources are important vehicles for this end,’ said GIFE secretary general Fernando Rossetti.

The Portuguese translation project, supported by the Ford Foundation, has selected two guides (from the current total of 23) for the Brazilian audience: Communicating for Impact and Working with Government. ‘These are matters of great relevance for GIFE associates,’ said Rossetti, ‘and they will be useful for other organizations as well.’

The launch of the first translation is planned for November, and GIFE hopes to work on more translations in 2013. ‘We are speaking with Brazilian donors that already show interest in supporting translations of other guides, such as Funding for Inclusion: Women and girls in the equation,’ Rossetti said.

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