Grantmakers without borders – A new Strategic Plan for 2005-2007

With a view to forcefully and effectively advancing our mission to leverage increased funding for social justice in the developing world, Grantmakers Without Borders (Gw/oB) has recently completed a year-long strategic planning process involving some 150 members, stakeholders and allies. The Ford Foundation provided generous support to the initiative. An organizational development framework known as Appreciative Inquiry strongly influenced the process.

The Strategic Plan taps into Gw/oB’s existing strengths and capabilities to help drive our expansion in five programme areas. Through our Donor Education Program, Gw/oB will develop a variety of products and services to serve a diverse US grantmaking community, employing them in workshops, giving circles and other fora. The Advocacy Program will work with lawyers and financial advisers to facilitate their understanding of global giving, and will also work to clarify and simplify the regulatory climate for international grantmaking from the US.

A Global Southern Inclusion Program aims to develop a comprehensive pro-South framework to strengthen the voice, participation and power of the developing world in northern philanthropy. A Communication, Outreach and Marketing Program will promote the good works of international grantmakers and encourage increased global giving and a Donor and Membership Services Program will engage members and create pathways to global grantmaking.

To implement the Strategic Plan, Gw/oB will take on new staff in all programme and administrative areas and open a second office in San Francisco to create a more national presence in the US (our current headquarters are in Boston).

The drafters of Grantmakers Without Borders’ Strategic Plan acknowledge that it is ambitious. At the same time, they are convinced that setting sights high is the right way to go. Those of us working in global social justice have a bold vision for our world and our strategies and actions must match it.

For more information about Gw/oB and the Strategic Plan, contact Executive Director John Harvey at

Grantmakers Without Borders
PO Box 181282
Boston, MA 02118, USA
Tel +1 617 794-2253

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