Grantmakers without borders – Gw/oB launches Global Nonprofit Information Network

Grantmakers Without Borders (Gw/oB), OMB Watch and Urgent Action Fund recently launched the Global Nonprofit Information Network, an international information-sharing system focused on counter-terrorism measures affecting NGOs and global civil society.

Under the guise of the ‘war on terror’, governments around the globe are considering and adopting policies that place numerous administrative burdens on NGOs and discourage and/or restrict NGO support of civil society efforts (particularly in areas considered high risk because of conflict or a concentration of Muslim interests). The Global Nonprofit Information Network is an electronic mailing list/discussion group (listserv) and website ( designed to enable global communications regarding these issues.

The listserv will be set up and maintained by OMB Watch. The aim is to keep people informed, pose questions, receive feedback, and develop a greater understanding of the key issues. It will also provide updates about draft provisions under consideration in various places, the status of proposed policy changes and the processes through which decisions will be made. This listserv is meant to create a global partnership of organizations interested in monitoring and reacting to these policy developments. In particular, it focuses on gender-related impacts, issues confronting Muslim communities, and the experiences of international grantmakers that engage in social change philanthropy.

The website will act as a centralized database of government policy decisions and proposals, NGO analysis of relevant policy developments, and alternative proposals that support non-profits and civil society.

For more information
Visit or contact Gw/oB’s Advocacy Coordinator Vanessa Dick at

Grantmakers Without Borders
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