Grantmakers without borders – The Meso-America Grantmakers Group: Enabling donor cooperation and collaboration

Early in 2005, Gw/oB launched the Meso-America Grantmakers Group as a means to enable funders in Central America and southern Mexico interested in social change philanthropy to come together. Many funders—especially individual donors and small and mid-sized foundations— find themselves working in relative isolation, even from those in the same geographic locations, and having to problem-solve without the support of other funders.

It is hoped that through participation in the group, grantmakers will be able to share information about issues they are addressing and projects they are funding; exchange ideas on good practices in funding groups in the region; cooperate with other funders with regard to project monitoring, evaluation, and due diligence in general; and identify opportunities for funding collaboration, leveraging opportunities for greater impact and more effective grantmaking.

Because the group is a space for networking on grantmaking practice, it is open to leadership and programme staff of private and public foundations (development and other staff not directly involved in grantmaking are not eligible for membership) and individuals with a significant financial commitment to the region or who are exploring one. It is also hoped that greater cooperation among Meso-American funders will serve social justice groups in the region, for example by improving grantmaking practice and by leveraging increased funding.

It is expected the group will convene through variety of channels, including a listserv, conference calling, and in-person meetings. Grantmakers Without Borders hopes that the emergence of the Meso-America Grantmakers Group will engender the creation of other similarly constructed groups within Gw/oB’s membership convened around other regions and/or issues.

For more information about Gw/oB, contact Executive Director John Harvey at

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