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Grantmakers Without Borders has now added a group on Haiti to its existing geographic interest groups. Formed in the aftermath of the earthquake, the group, which currently has 23 members, joins similar groups on Meso-America (57 members) and Africa (32 members). Each of these groups provides a space for funders to come together for networking, peer-to-peer learning, problem-solving and collaboration. Each group meets periodically by conference call, with an annual in-person, daylong gathering just before Gw/oB’s annual conference, this year on 7 June in San Francisco.  

The Meso-America Grantmakers Group (MAGG) is the oldest of the three groups and has been active since 2005. Perhaps because of the fairly neat geographic focus of the group – Southern Mexico and Central America – and a shared political analysis, MAGG has really gelled as a group. Last year, for example, members quickly got together in response to the Honduran coup, working together to channel resources to pro-democracy groups. The Africa Grantmakers Group (AGG), which started only last year, is taking longer to gel. In comparison to MAGG, AGG members are funding across a vast landscape of different issues and peoples, and there is less shared political analysis.

The Haiti Grantmakers Group has already had several very stimulating and productive conference call meetings. With over US$10 million in combined resources to be granted to Haiti, there is great potential for members of the group, working closely and strategically together, to have a positive impact.   

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