House of Philanthropy Solutions goes on the road

The first House of Philanthropy Solutions is to be launched at the end of May in Zurich, Switzerland. This interactive exhibition showcases the most pressing global challenges facing philanthropy in mobile ‘solution globes’. Once the top half of the globe is tilted back, the solution is displayed and can be understood and experienced in an interactive way.

House_of_PhilBridge International Academies (BIA) is one example in the area of education. BIA implements a ‘school in a box’ model designed to set up, run and replicate quality low-cost primary schools for poor families living in Africa’s sprawling slums at a cost of $4 per month per child. The key to BIA’s success is that every element of its model is standardized: the process of identifying the right plot in the slum, the school building itself, the curricula used by the teachers, etc. The BIA solution globe (pictured) contains a number of building blocks representing the different elements of BIA’s model. Once put together properly, the blocks make up a ‘standard’ school.

Designed by LGT Venture Philanthropy (LGTVP), each of the current solutions represents one of its portfolio organizations. LGTVP’s overall mission is to increase the sustainable quality of life of less advantaged people the world over. One of the ways it hopes to achieve this is by inspiring people to become active in philanthropy. The House of Philanthropy Solutions is one way of achieving this aim.

The exhibition will go on a roadshow in early 2012. The vision is to replicate the model across the world, with further Houses of Philanthropy Solutions that will likely feature a wider range of solutions.

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