NCRP: NCRP and Bolder Giving combine forces

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), the self-styled watchdog of US philanthropy, has acquired Bolder Giving. According to a letter posted on NCRP’s website in late 2016 by CEO Aaron Dorfman and board chair Sherece West-Scantlebury, the acquisition is intended to provide social justice movements and their current and potential funders with resources to help them increase their impact. More explicitly, it aims to help them engage wealthy donors. Bolder Giving’s mission is to encourage donors not only to give more, but to be more venturesome in what they give to.

The move is part of NCRP’s new strategic framework under which, says the letter, it will ‘expand its scope to increase the effectiveness and impact of high-net-worth donors who do not give through foundations’. While the framework had been under consideration for the previous year, the election of Donald Trump has had a stimulating effect on discussions. The letter notes that ‘the recent election results make the next few years incredibly important’ and makes reference to the incoming president’s campaign rhetoric: ‘In the near term, we will see concerted efforts to erode our basic human rights and the improvements we’ve made to protect our planet.’

The announcement coincides with the release of NCRP’s Pennies for Progress: A decade of boom for philanthropy, a bust for social justice, which shows that, while foundation assets rose by roughly three-quarters to $798 billion in the decade from 2003 to 2013, support by the country’s largest foundations for work explicitly benefiting people of colour, women and girls, the elderly, and other underserved communities increased by just 15 per cent.

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