NEF – ‘Elevating’ solutions to global challenges facing children and adolescents

In June 2014 NEF became an official and primary partner of the Elevate Children Funders Group, a consortium of funders with a vision of society in which all sectors and constituencies prioritize, or ‘elevate’, solutions to prevent violence and family separation.

As a group of independent funders with a combined annual grantmaking portfolio of more than US$250 million, the Elevate Children Funders Group (formerly known as the Child Protection Funders Group) is able to leverage the advantages of private investment to focus on three core objectives:

n  Support the development and use of evidence to learnabout what is effective in preventing violence and family separation

n  Strengthen the position of leadersaddressing these challenges

n  Leveragenew funding commitments for children

NEF will provide a ‘home base’ for the Elevate Children Funders Group secretariat and support the group as it seeks to increase both its membership and the power of its voice within the wider context. The Elevate Children Funders Group has already partnered NEFon two initiatives – the Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund and WithoutViolence; this new partnershipwill enablethe group both to foster opportunities for learning across these projects, and also to bring together member activities and events in one institutional home.

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