New findings from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

Did you know…

If the civil society sector in the 37 countries for which data are available were combined into a separate economy, its expenditures would exceed the GDPs of all but the four largest economies in the world.

If the civil society sector were a country…

Country 2002 GDP (trillion $)
United States $10.4
Japan 4.0
Germany 2.0
United Kingdom 1.6
Civil society sector expenditures (37 countries)* 1.6
France 1.4
China 1.3
Italy 1.2
Canada 0.7
Spain 0.7
Mexico 0.6

*Source of civil society sector data Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project.
Source of GDP figures The World Bank.
All data are represented in 2002 US dollars.

Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project data are available on the web at

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