TechSoup Global and GuideStar International to merge operations – a marriage of true databases?

TechSoup Global and GuideStar International (the UK-registered charity and not the US non-profit GuideStar) announce today that they are combining their operations in order to strengthen their respective capacity-building programmes for civil society organizations. The two organizations already share a commitment to a ‘transparent, empowered and connected civil society’. They intend to develop a shared mission to benefit global civil society through the provision of technology, information and resources.

‘This is an important collaboration that will increase investment in and access to critical resources for civil society,’ says Luc Tayart de Borms, Managing Director of the King Baudouin Foundation and Chair of GuideStar International. ‘By combining the strengths of these programs, TechSoup Global and GuideStar International will be able to create synergies and to offer a common proposition to the civil society in many countries.’

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