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Nigel Martin

Letter Nigel Martin 1 September 2006

Are celebrities the answer?

I am writing this letter as someone who has worked with international NGOs for over 30 years and as one who is well aware of the difficulties of implementing effective advocacy, fundraising, or creating public …

Analysis Nigel Martin 1 June 2005

FIM and the G8 – Not representative, but still legitimate

When Forum International de Montréal (FIM) began its dialogue with G8 planning officials in 2002, our intention was to shepherd the process until a more representative body from within civil society could take over. Our …

Conference Report Nigel Martin 1 December 2004 For Subscribers

Which way to reform the UN and the international system?

Forum Barcelona is one of a number of events that will feed into the UN September Summit in New York to look at progress on the Millennium Development Goals, as well as the issue of …

Special feature Nigel Martin 1 March 2003

Engaging with the G8

There are perhaps no meetings that potentially affect so many people’s lives as the annual meetings of the world’s most powerful nations, the G8, so FIM’s latest project is a challenging one. In late 2001, …