WINGS – WINGS reviews itself following move to Philippines

As part of an exercise to review and refresh its governance structures and strategic direction following the Secretariat’s recent move to the Philippines, WINGS has issued revised Mission and Vision statements following a meeting of its Coordinating Committee in March.

WINGS Mission Statement
WINGS is a worldwide network that seeks to strengthen philanthropy and a culture of giving through mutual learning and support, knowledge sharing and professional development among its participants. WINGS also strives to give voice and visibility to philanthropy at a global level.

WINGS Vision Statement
A strong, global philanthropic community that strives to build more equitable and just societies around the world.

‘We wanted easy to understand statements (less jargon),’ says Executive Director Marissa Camacho-Reyes, ‘that inspire and define our niche.’

In addition, the WINGS Coordinating Committee, which comprises senior executives from network participants, has two new members: Filiz Bikmen of the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) and Barry Smith of the Synergos Institute. The WINGS-CF Advisory Committee also has new members: Bernardino Casadei of the Fondazione Cariplo, Imani Burnett of the Southeastern Council of Foundations, Janet Mawiyoo of the Kenya Community Development Foundation, and Won Soon Park of Korea’s Beautiful Foundation. The WINGS-CF Advisory Committee will hold a strategic planning meeting in July 2007 in London.

Secretariat staff members are currently developing the 2007-10 strategic plan based on the discussions of the Coordinating Committee and suggestions made by network participants at WINGSForum 2006. The new plan will be shared with the network and posted on the WINGS website later this year.

WINGS (Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support)
Director: Marissa Camacho-Reyes
T + 63 2 926 9446

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