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Opinion Zhang Li 3 August 2021

Nature-based Solutions: SEE Foundation’s response to climate change

As China takes an increasingly active part in global climate governance, nature-based solutions (NbS) are becoming correspondingly important to the country’s approach. In light of this and of the eight criteria of the IUCN Global …

Interview Alliance magazine and International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change 27 July 2021

Laudes Foundation on interlinking climate change and the inequality gap

Laudes Foundation launched in 2020 with the aim to address the dual crises of climate breakdown and challenge industries to implement business practices that ‘regenerate and restore nature.’ The new foundation is a part of …

Opinion Anna Wallich 20 July 2021

‘Sustainability’ in the time of climate crisis

Sustainability has always been central to the Maanch message. As an organisation, we’ve been deep in thought about building back better from Covid-19, the climate crisis and its wider implications and COP26. But it’s not just us who are paying …

News Alliance magazine 7 July 2021

Climate Funders Justice Pledge signatories are resourcing BIPOC-led groups at higher percentage than peers

New data released by the Donors of Color Network finds that most foundations who have taken its Climate Funders Justice Pledge have committed more than 30 per cent of their 2019-2020 climate funding to BIPOC-led …

Page Alliance magazine 29 June 2021


As Alliance magazine’s June 2021 issue looks at climate philanthropy ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, we’re partnering with the International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change to ask a number of organisations around the world: what is philanthropy’s role in addressing climate …

Interview Alliance magazine and International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change 29 June 2021

MAPLE on Indigenous-led climate work in Chile

In Chile, the micro-development organisation MAPLE has been working for almost a decade with Mapuche communities to create a sustainable and community-powered finance tool that fits the tradition values and culture of the Indigenous population …

Opinion Keratiloe Mogotsi 25 June 2021

Climate change resilience: can philanthropy play a role?

We have heard about it all before: rising temperatures, failing crops resulting in food insecurity, the melting ice caps – these are all part of the narrative of climate change. Natural disasters, which seem to …

Conference Report Annmarie McQueen 22 June 2021

Alliance webinar: Climate philanthropy now – where should philanthropy put its funding?

Currently only 2 per cent of philanthropic giving goes towards addressing climate change, however it’s clear that more is urgently needed. To mark the publication of our June issue, this webinar brought together a panel …

Interview Alliance magazine and International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change 15 June 2021

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation: integrating climate in Australia

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation in Australia decided to give climate change a bigger space in its work in 2016, when it began integrating an environmental lens across all its grantmaking and projects. That step – …

Conference Alliance magazine 9 June 2021

Climate philanthropy now: where should philanthropy put its funding?