Reforming CAP: funders collaborating to change the future of food and agriculture in Europe

Inga Wachsmann

For food and agricultural policies in the European Union to become sustainable, systemic reform of the current Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is needed. This is the basis for the EFC’s funder collaborative, the European Foundations for Sustainable Agriculture and Food (EFSAF), spun out of its European Environmental Funders Group  three years ago. Its aim is to support civil society in shifting European policies towards sustainable systems in these areas in the longer term.

But while reform of CAP is necessary, it likewise represents a major challenge. It accounts for about 40 per cent of the EU’s overall budget and its complexity has increased in an enlarged EU with significant regional variations.

What does ‘sustainable’ mean?

EFSAF has produced a definition of sustainability around which both its members and civil society organisations working on this topic in different countries can rally:

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