Stars to steer by

David Bonbright

New destinations require new navigational tools. Four very different books from within the ‘social change’ profession highlight the complexities of achieving systemic transformation of the current economic and political orders

 A significant reassessment of our current economic and political orders is underway. The need to better address our most grave societal threats – poverty, inequality, environmental collapse, social trauma, and technological overreach – is increasingly apparent. In this article, I look at how four very different books from inside the ‘social change’ profession, that self-selecting community of people who dedicate their careers to the common good, are contributing to this reassessment and inspiring hope and action.

One of the four books is an indictment of the hypocrisy that sits within the social change-philanthropy project, writ large. The other three offer what I believe are uniquely valuable and powerful new perspectives and frameworks for transforming our economics and politics.

The indictment…

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