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Co-Impact are inviting organisations to submit concept notes for a second round of systems change grants that are focused around two themes: early childhood development and jobs, skills and/or livelihoods. Following a six to eight month design grant process with up to eight finalists, three to six grantees will be chosen for awards typically between $10-25 million. The application is open until 30 April 2019, but applicants are encouraged to submit early.

From the online application: ‘Co-Impact supports a small number of transformative systems-change initiatives working to bring about significant and enduring improvements in the lives of millions of people in low- and middle-income countries in the Global South.’

‘The application involves answering a handful of qualifying questions, submitting a concept note (not to exceed four pages), and providing third-party evidence of impact.’

For more information on the timeline, guidelines, and qualifications, please visit the application page.

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David Lahai

Interesting and want to write a concept note. Please kindly help me through. Thanks David Lahai

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