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Abigail Rotheroe

Opinion 1 Abigail Rotheroe and NPC 14 June 2017

Impact management: New kid on the block

Impact measurement has come a long way since NPC was set up 15 years ago. From inception to today, we have maintained our forensic focus on the measurement of outcomes and impact.  But there is …

Opinion Abigail Rotheroe 13 February 2014

Foundations – a stitch in time saves nine or saving for a rainy day?

Foundations exist to provide funds and support to other organisations for a range of charitable purposes—that much is clear. On the face if it sounds like an easy job—giving away money—but behind the scenes foundations …

Opinion Abigail Rotheroe 2 January 2014

NPC: Keeping account – a guide to charity financial analysis

Faced with a constant stream of requests, funders have developed multifarious ways of working out which charities to give money to. But whilst  they rely on different approaches in order to manage this process, part …

Opinion Abigail Rotheroe 24 July 2013

So is it best to invest?

Right now lots of people are talking about social investment. We are being flooded with reports about the size of the market, the government’s desire to stimulate it and funders are increasingly thinking ‘so what …