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Africa Philanthropy Network

News Africa Philanthropy Network 14 March 2016

Africa Philanthropy Network: A new base for African philanthropy

The Africa Philanthropy Network is here! We are proud to usher in this new organization with new leadership: Bheki Moyo of Southern Africa Trust is at the helm, with Stigmata Tenga of the Foundation for …

News Africa Philanthropy Network 1 June 2015

AGN: Measuring change and growth in African philanthropy

One of the African Grantmakers Network’s key objectives is to build resilient African philanthropic institutions through a focus on setting standards of governance and accountability, in order to provide credibility to changes and related philanthropy …

News Africa Philanthropy Network 1 September 2013

AGN – Resources for building sustainable philanthropy in Africa

According to the MDGs 2013 progress chart, Sub-Saharan Africa is making insufficient progress on developing global partnerships. In the world of African foundations, at least, this situation is changing, and conversations are starting to explore …