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Agustín Landa

Interview Agustín Landa 21 September 2023

Interview: Alejandro Álvarez von Gustedt, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and co-founder of Latimpacto

During the second edition of Impact Minds, Standing Together: The Value of Meetings to advance in collaboration with Latimpacto on August 29 and 30 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I had the opportunity to interview Alejandro Alvarez …

Conference Report Agustín Landa 21 September 2023

Impact Minds, Standing Together: the value of meetings to advance in collaboration

Something extraordinary happened on August 29 and 30 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We gathered over 500 participants from 27 countries and 200+ speakers for Latimpacto’s second annual conference, Impact Minds: Standing Together. Latimpacto is a young network …

Conference reports Agustín Landa 20 September 2022

Collaboration, capacity, and change at the 2022 Brazil Philanthropy Forum

After three years since the last national reunion, the philanthropic sector of Brazil came together on 15 September in Sao Paulo at the Brazilian Philanthropy Forum organized by the Institute for Development of Social Investment …

Special feature Agustín Landa 1 December 2005

Mexico: From charity to social investment

Since colonial times the Mexican philanthropy sector has been based on a Christian conception of charity, which had no place for community participation. This was due to the government’s belief that citizen participation would challenge …