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Aisha Mansour

Conference reports Aisha Mansour 2 May 2017

Philanthropy’s need for a community based model

At the recent Edgefunders Alliance conference held in Barcelona, Spain, members and participants continuously discussed the need to democratize things. Democratize economies. Democratize to bring back the commons. Democratize philanthropy shifting and redistributing resources to …

Letter Aisha Mansour 7 March 2017

USAID must reform to truly support a community philanthropy model

The December issue of Alliance focused on the topic of community philanthropy and the concept of ‘durable development’ – shifting power closer to the ground and giving agency to local people and their organizations. Aisha …

Conference reports 2 Aisha Mansour 6 December 2016

Shifting the power? An alternative to ‘big aid’ in community philanthropy

While new to the community philanthropy world, I have been an advocate for change in the international aid system for nearly 10 years.  After living in one of the highest recipient per capita countries of …

Special feature Aisha Mansour 29 November 2016

Case study – Community controlled grantmaking at the Dalia Association

I had served at the Dalia Association for about four months when we organized a women’s community evaluation meeting to discuss the last round of the women supporting women programme, our largest grantmaking programme.  I …