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Alecia Foster

Conference reports Alecia Foster 8 April 2016

Day three of the 2016 Global Philanthropy Forum

Cairo. Seoul. Moscow. Silicon Valley? Yes, the U.S. State Department has recently opened an office in the foreign land of tech giants.  ‘Technology has an incredible ability to move the needle and move things forward,’ …

Conference reports Alecia Foster 7 April 2016

Day two of the 2016 Global Philanthropy Forum

Meeting the needs of the displaced – Thinking long term. Deogratias ‘Deo’ Niyizonkiza was forced to flee Burundi in the early 1990s after war broke out between the Hutus and Tutsis. Many of the things …

Conference reports Alecia Foster 6 April 2016

2016 Global Philanthropy Forum’s opening plenary

Whether in search of economic opportunity, safety or meaning, people are on the move as never before and as a result, an estimated 60 million people world-wide are now considered refugees or internally displaced persons. …